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What's Around Me helps you track the location based information you need anytime, such as ATMs, Banks, Movie Theaters, Restaurants and Hotels, Coffee shops, Bars, Attractions, Shopping destinations, petrol pumps, CNG Stations and emergency services like Hospitals and Police Stations. It's a free service app which helps you enjoy your time everywhere with ease. You can choose from categories with a single tap from a predefined list or search directly with the smart search for a specific place or categories like hotel or Gas Station.

If there a need arise to visit an unfamiliar area and you will feel difficulty in finding nearest places and also your own location. This free android App automatically sets your location and obtain your walking and driving routes and nearest places information. Make possible for you to visit any place without any difficulty.

For android users, it's a must have App in your smartphone to find the nearby places at your fingertips.

<b> What's Around Me Features</b>

✈ Search from list of categories available like hotel, bars and hospitals

✈ Smart Search options

✈ Quickly identifies your position

✈ Show you the distance of the places from your current location

✈ Simple and easy to use Interface

✈ The smart App with detailed information of nearest nearest places .


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