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Avoid sms while you driving.

Just put the timer before starting your car and let app deal with calls and sms for you.

App Features:
- Select the Duration (Pre-defined , custom timer)
- Select SMS or Call

Drive Safe, no texting or voice calling while driving!
The only application that is assisting you to keep your eyes "on the road and your hands on the steering wheel while driving".
You can also use this application for office meetings or visiting your grandparents in hospitals.

When a new text message is received Drive Safe just shows notification with no sound, similarly, you can setup timer to avoid calls when you are busy.
App will also help, in background, when the timer is over, you will be notified.

Install instructions

requires android 2.3 and up

current release 1.0


DriveSafe.apk 4 MB

Also available on

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