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An exciting and happy thing for a girl is to become a mother. Get ready to take part in the pregnant mother's surgery as a real emergency doctor.

Every girl wants to give birth in a healthy condition but sometimes the mothers faces serious emergency situations in the labor room. Even with nine months of preparation, childbirth can still be full of surprises. Only a trained practitioner can help them in such discomfort situations.

Pregnant Lady met with an accident and Need a Doctor! She is also going to give birth. Her practitioner might need to step into a procedure to help her bring the baby safe and sound into the world. Only you can help her! Don't miss the chance to become a professional labor doctor. Play as the role of her surgeon to help her prepare for emergency delivery and recover from this disaster.

Celebrate the wonder of bringing new life safe and healthy into the world with this amazing Game. Give her step by step treatment at every stage with tons of real medical equipment. Use coolest medical tools like the stethoscope, thermometer, the blood pressure sensor, X-ray, ECG machine, Ultrasound tool and much more. Examine and treat her properly to prove that you are a good doctor.
It's a really fun game for kids and girls. Play the game, helps the mother to give birth her new born baby and be the world's greatest emergency doctor. Begin your doctor journey now!

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